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Phrenic - Underground Dance Music Producers

We are Phrenic :) - UK Based underground dance music producers and remixers - groovetastic tribal, techno, trance, progressive, deep, electronic, dub and soundscapes for album, adverts, games, tv & film.

We've been involved in the underground scene for many years as producers and dj's for the festival and free party scene, clubs and live events. Seeing people enjoying the music and dancing is a truly wonderful thing.

With 3 Album releases available on iTunes and our 4th latest album exclusively now available here - the sounds of Phrenic are beginning to be aired across the globe.

Phrenic capture the essence of the underground dance scene - and are currently looking for lively street team members to help us spread the word and promote new releases.

Members will get access to exclusive tracks and mixes.

Phrenic - UK Based Underground Dance Music Producers

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